I talk about being lean, the common man and more Ironman!

Last week I spent a lot of time looking
Really looking
And I suppose, evaluating
Being in Lanzarote was interesting
There were around 1800 Ironmen and women there
Ready to take on one of the toughest races in the world
And man o man they were fit people
Even the goddam trees were lean
Lean trees
But what I also noticed was the incredible disparity between the ‘common man’
And the ‘Ironman’
Sure enough you would expect Iron-people to look lean and fit
Lean athlete
But it did upturn  a startlingly clear reality
Our society is simply out of shape
Its undeniable
Perhaps comparing us to the elite of the iron-people is a little harsh
But these people are living life in such a way that they take care of their bodies
They are nourishing themselves with great quality food
They are training their bodies to improve cardiovascular health
Strength, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance etc
And they look healthy (for the most part)
90% of the rest of the people that I saw last week
We’re not in shape
Not even close
I am not being judgemental
Although we are judgemental as a species
It is pretty much engrained into us to be that way
I don’t judge someone for being out of shape
I am concerned what that means for their health
And long term wellness
Often until we experience a health problem
We don’t think about it
‘It wont happen to me’ right?
But its clear now
We are in a physical decline
And we must start to face up to our reality
If you want your future to contain discomfort, poor health and disease
By all means continue
I stopped trying to help EVERYONE a long time ago
Because I realised that I could only help those few who wanted to listen to me
So if you are one of those people
Who wants to change
Who wants to take a different course and get on the health track
I’m right here
In your inbox every day
Showing you support and that I care
Its up to you when you want to make the change
I have programmes that can help you
Just holla at me
Nicola ‘health freak’ Rossell
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