I talk about a local campaign, beautiful bodies and change

Our local council is working pretty hard on a project

They are launching a campaign

Getting behind the ‘this girl can’ concept

I have been working with my contact on the council

And they’re doing a cracking job of pulling together a programme

Just for us ladies

To take advantage of lots of free sessions and activities

‘This girl can’ week will be running from 8th June

And there are activities and things to do

All over Leicester

I am running two sessions during this week in Oadby

Because I wanted to give something back to the community

These sessions will be completely FREE

And there for you to take advantage of

Tuesday 9th June – Body Beautiful Trial – 60mins body changing workout (8-9pm)

Thursday 11th June – Free trial for Ditch the Diet – 90mins talking about mindset and nutrition and how it could change your life (7.45 – 9.15pm)

I specialise in helping you to make small changes

And helping you to plan your healthy activities around your lifestyle

Cause we don’t all have that much time

But we sure want to feel great

And look great

And a lot of looking great, is about feeling great

Do you want to discover the secrets to improving your physique?

And boosting your confidence

And finally fitting back into those jeans

Or that LBD that you feel too self conscious to wear

Do you want to do all that

Without giving up wine

And chocolate

And a giant list of all the foods that you love

It’s possible

It’s achievable

You just have to be prepared to believe it

And embrace it

This is your chance to try something new and different

So if you feel like making some changes

Or you just fancy some free top quality training

And information

Make sure you don’t miss out on these free sessions

Nicola ‘this girl can’ Rossell

PS –

I am still enjoying the sunny climates

And cocktails of Lanzarote

Peace out

Nicola signature


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