I reiterate about the basics

After my rant of somewhat epic proportions yesterday

I felt that it might be useful for you

For me to outline what those basics that I talk about involve

As a good friend of mine said to me

[Who has raced at elite level as a professional triathlete]

‘If you get the basics right you’re golden’

This is someone who lives the concept of Train – Eat – Sleep

Because these are the essentials for health

I would like to add to this and expand on his wise words

Whether you heed them

Well that’s up to you

In no particular order

Basic #1 exercise

Putting aerobic stress on your body will help your heart and lungs

Becoming fitter will allow you to complete simple tasks more efficiently and effectively

You will be at LOWER risk of death

A good enough reason for me I daresay

Basic #2 nutrition

Paying attention to what is in your food and where it comes from is a good start

Learning how your body responds to different foods is key

Knowing what portion sizes are right for you is essential

Get the balance right

Basic #3 sleep

Sleeping well and deeply through the night will help your body to recover

Repair processes occur during this time

Without this, your body will begin to suffer

Basic #4 happiness

If you are unhappy, frustrated, angry [insert negative emotion of your choice]

You add stress to your life

Stress increases hormones like cortisol that help you store fat around your tummy (amongst other things too)

If you can lead a happy enjoyable life, you are at less risk of stress related outcomes

Easier said than done, but work on it a little each day

There are strategies that can be done

Basic #5 gratitude

If you can practise gratitude for the things you have

Those basic things that you take for granted

You can start to appreciate things on a deeper level

Gratitude is not to be overlooked

We are damn lucky to lead this life

Shit happens to everyone

We all have stuff that affects us

Some more than others

But it is how we come out the other side of it that matters

If you can find it in yourself to be grateful for the shit that happens

You can truly move past it

Not an easy pill to swallow

But I never said any of this was going to be easy

But it will be worth it!

Nicola ‘mastering the basics’ Rossell


You don’t have to do it alone

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