I overcame emotional binge eating, you can too

The morning after the night before…

Are you feeling a bit worse for wear?

Jeans feeling a bit tight?

Waistline filling out

Who stuffed themselves like a turkey yesterday?

xmas food

It’s ok to admit it

We give ourselves some sort of weird permission on xmas day to glut ourselves

To the point where even changing the channel on the TV is too much movement

And we end up watching corrie (urgh)

Xmas is a time for eating great food

Sharing times with your family or friends if that’s what you like

Xmas day

And being grateful for a whole bunch of stuff

Do you practise gratitude enough?

It can be pretty powerful you know

I overcame secret binge eating by practising gratitude every single day

This allowed me yesterday

For the first Xmas day ever…to eat what I wanted

And not feel guilty

And not wake up this morning feeling sick to my stomach

I ate a big plate of dinner which was delicious

Xmas dinner

I had a small selection of three desserts

Trio of dessert

And I was satisfied

I didn’t stuff my face

I didn’t binge eat

I have it under my control now

A lot of it comes down to the acceptance that food is not bad

The devil is in the dose

I bet 80% of your food choices are actually pretty great!

All of this health and nutrition malarkey

It’s tough to get your head around when everyone is shouting different ideas at you

All I am offering is clarity

From someone who has studied nutrition

Worked with ladies who have emotional eating issues

And overcome personal eating issues

I know how you feel

I know what it’s like to feel compelled to keep eating

I know how restriction feels and I know what it feels like to be out of control

I’ve been where you are right now

I’ve felt the guilt the shame the hatred when you look in the mirror

I got myself out of that hole

And into a lifestyle where I enjoy all of my food

Where I don’t second guess myself constantly

And I don’t care what other people thing (that’s a biggie actually)

I can help you to overcome this and get the body that you want and deserve!

I have programmes that you can join where the support that you receive will be second to none


All of the information is at that link

If you’re not sure about me and my success in this area

Just check out what my ladies have to say about their progress


I hope you had a wonderful xmas

And the run up to 2016 is guilt free for you

Nicola Rossell