I never TRY to be ‘good’

It’s inevitable really….


Our lives are interwoven with so many others….


On top of that we have the mixture of work, kids, commitments, meetings and social engagements to juggle around


When are you ‘trying to be good’ it can be one thing after another that just ‘gets in the way’


Holiday’s, weddings, parties, birthdays, bank holidays, weekends, Wednesdays…..we have a million excuses to ‘fall off the wagon’ and ‘be naughty’


The problem is that when we do this, when we choose to label our choices as bad or naughty we feel guilty and ashamed (which usually leads down the path of making worse choices and feeling MORE guilty and MORE ashamed, going around in circles and generally getting frustrated that you can’t get it right, and you can’t lose weight!)


This is where I like to deviate from what everyone else is trying to do


I never TRY to be GOOD


I just try MY BEST and give myself massive credit for it


It really can be as simple as that!


Trying to be ‘good’ implies living up to a standard (usually that someone else has set for you OR that you’ve decided randomly)


You have given yourself a set of rules that you define yourself by


You are a good person if you stick to them


And a bad person if you don’t stick to them….


You have had a good day if you do


And a bad/naughty day if you don’t


I deviate from this because I don’t need to give myself an easy way to feel like I have failed


I do set myself some targets


I have some basic things that I aim to do each day that are healthy habits


And I do live by a set of GUIDING PRINCIPLES


But beyond this, I keep things flexible


This means that I can go to the birthday party and eat the cake WITHOUT THE GUILT


This means I can do to the beach and eat fish and chips WITHOUT THE GUILT


This means I can have a coffee and cake when I take my mum out WITHOUT THE GUILT


* If you are swamped with guilt and shame, related to your food choices


* If you are using labels like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ for your choices and judging yourself for having a good time


* If you are feeling confused about how to enjoy life without the guilt and shame….let’s talk about it


You and I, let’s chat and work out how we can set you up with some guiding principles that suit you and the lifestyle that you want to lead


Stop using the next wedding or the next party as an excuse to stop being healthy


Stop using your holiday’s as a reason to gain some weight and feel bad about it


Start taking responsibility for your choices ALL YEAR ROUND


Let’s get on the phone ->>> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call


I can’t wait to speak with you about this