I missed the point completely

For some reason this week I started thinking about the way I used to be when I was a kid

I used to be obsessed with winning

I hated to lose

And I hated to get things wrong

Looking back I was just absolutely desperate for attention

I wanted that glory, the congratulations, and the celebration

I wanted to be told how good I was

And I wanted my parents to recognise my achievements!

I clearly had a bit of a complex about my abilities

I was constantly striving for more, for better, for top grades

And I got them

I got a clean sheet of A’s and A*s at GCSE

I got a couple of As and Bs at A level

And I got a first class honours degree…

But do you know what I never got?

I never got the satisfaction that I was looking for

I missed the point completely

It took me years to figure it out

But I was so focussed on the pursuit of the attention that I wanted

I forgot to pay attention to the lessons that I could have been learning on the way

That’s what I want to instil in you today

Your weight loss journey

Your health journey doesn’t have a destination

You probably think it does

You probably think you feel like you’re done when you lose 1 stone, 2 stones…

But that is not what this is about

Unless you recognise along the way different lessons and challenges

Unless you learn and grow

You will never feel like you are in the place that you desire to be

I spent YEARS and YEARS

Hoping that my next academic pursuit would stir the level of attention that I wanted from my parents

I failed in so many ways to recognise that I was doing it all for the wrong reasons

My progress has accelerated EXPONENTIALLY since I stopped focussing on the destination

And started living in the present

And learning my lessons day by day

I will teach you this

And a bunch more awesome mindset stuff in my exclusively ladies only programme ‘transformation accelerate’

It does what it says on the tin

I can help you accelerate your progress and your results

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