I know that you are scared

‘Having put on weight over the winter I was left feeling like I was just making life harder for myself carrying an extra 5kg than I needed. I’m actually proud of myself for realising how much better I can look after myself! I feel in control! I feel happy, positive, proud of myself, fit and healthy. I have learnt so much thanks to you!’


That there is a message I received from a happy client the other day

I can’t pretend that I don’t like hearing how much I have helped some one

I do this job because I love to make a difference

The reason that I am sharing this with you is because I think you’re scared

Your terrified to make the step into coaching

You’re scared of failing

And you’re scared of wasting your hard earned money on something that isn’t guaranteed


Did you know that I do guarantee my services?

If I cannot deliver the results that we discuss for your goals

Then you can have your money back


Don’t let fear be a barrier to changing

I’m doing everything that I can to make this a sure thing for you

I’ve got tonnes of testimonials that show you HOW effective my methods are

Read for yourself here


The only thing stopping you now is your fear

Are you scared of actually getting the body that you want?

Are you afraid of being healthy, happy and confident?

Tell me WHY you are not taking this next step!

Let me remind you

What are you waiting for?

Nicola ‘fraidy cat’ Rossell


Bespoke Weight Loss Programme