I know how you are feeling

I wanted to tell you about a true phenomena

This might surprise you

But this phenomena is the power that you HOLD in your hands

The power to change your reality

Let me have a guess

Right now….

You’re feeling…….(let me rub my crystal ball and shake the magic 8 ball…)

You’re feeling frustrated

Frustrated because you’ve been trying to lose weight for AGES and it never seems to go to plan

You’re feeling confused

CONFUSED because there seems to be so much information about weight loss, but no real direction and NO ONE seems to be able to agree

You’re feeling fed up

FED UP because you are back here again, in the build up to xmas, wanting the mince pies and chocolates but your dieting mentality is telling you that its too naughty

You’re feeling unhappy

UNHAPPY because you’ve wanted to change for such a long time but it always just evades you and you don’t like who you are right now!

You’re feeling conflicted

CONFLICTED because you see everyone else losing weight, so you know it MUST be possible

You feel like a failure

A FAILURE because despite knowing a whole bunch about weight loss, you just cannot make it work for you…..

How did my crystal ball work?

Did it hit the nail on the head?

I know these things because I work with ladies who feel these things too

And I know it does not feel like this is true right now….but you DO have the POWER to change things

You just haven’t found the right approach yet

You have knowledge, I bet you’re pretty darn smart

You have life experience and you’ve tried this before

So you already know what DOES NOT WORK

Trust me, you’re ahead of the game

I think you might just need a little nudge in the right direction

And the security the clarity and the confidence that you are making the right choices

This is what I DO

I help ladies like you to recognise their power, their strength and take control back over their health, their happiness and their confidence!

If you are ready to recognise that power within yourself….get yourself on the list for a strategy phone call with me by clicking here -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/