I got all butt hurt…

I got all butt hurt…

And I’m not talking about when I jumped bum first and popped out my hip

I’m talking about when I met my mentor

And he called me out on all of my stories

All of the excuses and stories that I was telling myself to make myself feel better about being a failure

Some of my favourite one liners were:

‘I don’t have time to do that’

‘I don’t know how to do that’

‘I don’t really want it that much’

‘It’s not that important to me, so I’m not going to try’

‘I’m happy, honestly, I’m happy’

And he called me out on EVERY SINGLE ONE

And asked me to tell the truth

I’d been hiding from the truth for so long

I’d begun to believe my own lies

We lie to protect ourselves

Because the truth does hurt

And it hurts all the more when you realise that everyone else know that you have been lying too

When everyone else can see that change needs to happen

And they see it

They could see it in me

I lost a relationship

I had a fractured relationship with my mum

I had alienated myself because I was burnt out, moody, aggressive and I hated everyone

I hated that everyone else had a picture perfect life (on fakebook)

When I was dying inside and wishing that someone could see how unhappy I was

In reality, they could see it

They experienced it every time I spewed acid in their direction

But things can ONLY change when you face THE TRUTH

I found the person who made me hold up the mirror

And see the truth of myself

And it was hard

And it sucked

And I hated it

And I hated him a bit for doing it

But ultimately – he saved my life

And my business

Through simply admitting that I had been lying to everyone

And most importantly to myself

I was able to start putting the pieces back into place

My health

My happiness

My confidence

My energy

And day by day, I transformed and accelerated toward what I wanted

And that’s what I do with the ladies that I work with today

I help them face the truth

So, if you’ve been skirting around my emails for a while now

Wondering if I am the right coach for you

Time to make or break

I will hold up that mirror

So, you can take a good hard look at yourself

This is not about humiliation

It is about self-actualisation

Helping you to face the truth, sets you free

Free to pursue what you truly want

Care to have a glance?

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