I don’t want to wear a bikini

Get in shape for summer’

‘Sculpt that bikini body’

These are just some of the things that you see cropping up around this time

As we all begin the panic that comes along with wearing a bikini on holiday

The thing is…

I don’t want to wear a bikini

I don’t strut around at home in my pants and bra

And I don’t want to strut around the beach wearing a bikini

It’s not because I hate my body

I simply am not the kind of person who feels comfortable baring loads of flesh

I am comfortable in my clothes

Whether I was a size 8 or 18

Whether I was 5kg more or less than I am now

I would still be uncomfortable wearing a bikini because it’s just not for me

I have a great swimming costume that I feel totally comfortable in

And that suits me just fine

I want you to understand that choosing things that you feel comfortable in will mean that you exude confidence

And confidence is sexy!

You can work for years on your body, losing weight and getting into the shape that you feel you should be in…

But if you still hate your body, no bikini photo is going to make you feel empowered

The ladies I work with develop confidence and they understand that they can choose whatever they damn please

They learn that it does not matter a bit what anyone else thinks!

As long as they feel comfortable and healthy in their choices…they are doing a good job

So wear a bikini

Don’t wear a bikini

But whatever you decide to choose

Just make sure that the choice is right for you

There is nothing worse than a holiday where you are just worrying about what everyone else thinks so much so that you forget to enjoy your break!

Nicola ‘we’re all going on a summer holiday…’ Rossell

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