I can’t do it, because

I have a confession to make

I’ve been procrastinating on getting back in the gym to workout

I know I know

I work in a gym

I train people, for a living

I should have no issue with this, right


I took an extended break from structured training, I’ve been committed to walking and yoga for about 3-4 months now (and seen wonderful results)

But it’s time to get back into weight lifting (for all of the wonderful benefits!)

BUT I am still a human

And I can still procrastinate, avoid and tell myself stories about ‘why I can’t’ until the cows come home

It’s not the right time

I’m too tired

I’m too hungry

I’ve been inside too long, so I’ll go for a walk instead

I might get injured

I might get too sore

Feel free to INSERT your own EXCUSE right here ….’I can’t do it because…..’

Let’s change this story TODAY!

There are 2 things that you need

  1. Make a START
  2. Accountability

It’s not as scary as you think

I’m not committing myself to an hour of training

All I’m going to do is commit to doing 10 minutes this week

10 minutes of weight lifting

And when I’ve ticked that off…I’ll build on it

And to keep me accountable (ie to make sure that I do it…)

I’m going to deliver the training as a session in my MEMBERS AREA

If you want to join me click here -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/product/online-membership/

You can WORKOUT live with me

As well as get access to ALL of my live weight loss coaching sessions

And another LIVE workout session that I deliver every single week

It’s a pretty cool place to hang out

So if you want to take a step with me today

And have the accountability WITH ME

OR, you know…just stay the same ;-)

Click right here and join in https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/product/online-membership/

Nicola ‘lazy bones’ Rossell