I ate until I felt sick 

I ate until I felt sick

And then I ate some more

Last week I took my partner for a chocolate making lesson

We had a really good time

Learning about the history of chocolate

(It comes from a fruit you know, so it’s probably one of our 5 a day……!)

Tasting chocolate from all over the world

And making our own set of chocolates

It was really cool to learn the process

There were a couple of ladies in our class and they were true chocolate fiends

They loved it

I love chocolate, but these two were another level altogether

Not only did they snarfle up every morsel in the session

They ate their entire box of chocolates on the way home and then some!!

It reminded me of how I used to be

I had absolutely no control over myself

(Well, this is the lie I told myself)

It was a lot easier to label myself as a binge eater and resign myself to that fate

Than it was to admit I had a problem

And ask for help

I knew that as soon as I admitted it

As soon as I asked for help

The hard work would start

I was prepared to stay stuck and unhappy because it was easier

Does this ring true with you at all?

Have you ever done this?

Stayed with your comfortable habits despite feeling unhealthy, unhappy and having no confidence?

Despite feeling fed up, frustrated and lonely?

Thinking about my old behaviour really stirred up an emotion in me

But it wasn’t shame, blame or regret

It was pride

Pride that I was brave enough to say….

‘Enough is enough’

I want things to be different

I want my life to be different

I deserve to be happy

And I AM prepared to do the work

I knew that it would be hard

I knew that it would take time and effort

But I also knew one other thing

I couldn’t carry on as I was

Can you relate?

Do things need to change for you too?

If you can be brave today

Take a brave step and click here to start a conversation with me -> www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call

And we can talk about what the next step could be for you to move from the unhappiness that you feel now

Toward and into the healthier, happier reality that is just waiting for you to claim it

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