How to survive the xmas party

Last night it was my partners xmas party

We went for a gorgeous meal at the 1573 grill in Leicester

Delicious food, really stunning, especially that steak nommmmm

More often than not we can panic about events and eating out

Especially at this time of year

When there is so much delicious and decadent food hanging around


It’s hard to stick to a diet right?

I’m not going to lecture you

All I’m going to say is that I had a great time

Ate what I wanted to eat

Didn’t feel guilty whatsoever

Didn’t gain weight

And got on with my life

If you want to enjoy parties…

Without that horrible guilt that comes along with eating rich food

Without starving yourself all day

Without worrying about stepping on the scales the next day

Without all of that stress

Which let’s face it….probably ruins the whole experience anyway


Get in touch with me.

I know you’re thinking ‘but its xmas…

I’m not going to start a new programme now’

I’m not asking you to join a programme

I’m asking you to consider how it might feel

To eat your xmas dinner AND pudding

And some chocolates

And NOT feel guilty or compelled to binge your face off because you were ‘naughty’

Hit me up if you want to know HOW to get rid of that nasty guilt and shame that I know you have felt!

Nicola ‘guilt free xmas’ Rossell


I almost forgot

To get in touch

Just click this link

And you’ll go straight through to claim my free coaching call

Yes that’s right

Its free, I call you and we get to shoot the breeze

And figure out your personal action plan of course!

Great day