How to lose motivation

Understanding how your mindset works is important

Feeling de-motivated is not nice

Despite knowing what you want to achieve, we often find ourselves going around in circles

And it comes back to one simple thing:

Your weight loss journey has to be about more than JUST weight loss

This is imperative if you want your results to come consistently and stick around for a long time

If you make the focus JUST weight loss and track ONLY your weight loss, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, frustration and long term failure

Let me expand on this…..

Weight loss is not always a logical or linear process

In fact, sometimes it doesn’t make any sense at all

You could be doing everything right, and get no results on the scales

There are a bunch of scientific reasons as to why this might be

On a basic level, your body will respond to your changes when it’s good and ready to

So it seems silly to me to ONLY track weight loss

If we know that it is an inconsistent measure (often coming hand in hand with unhelpful feelings)

Then we need to find a way of tracking our progress and results that doesn’t make us feel bad

In fact, we need to seek out as many means as possible to track things that are going to make you feel good about the changes that you ARE making

Have you ever considered tracking any of the following:

There are a whole bunch of ways to track your progress that can go alongside stepping on the scales that are inherently more motivating and gives you more opportunity to FEEL your progression

If your ONE metric (weight) doesn’t change, this can become very demotivating

BUT if you have 10 metrics available to you, and 7-9 of them are showing positive change

Even if your weight didn’t change for 1-2 weeks, your motivation will still remain high because you can see that other things are changing

This is the reality of making changes in your lifestyle, sometimes these changes will stimulate weight loss……

….Other times, other stuff will be going on….GREAT STUFF…that just doesn’t show up on the scales!

Don’t rely on the scales for your motivation

Generate other ways to track progress and you’ll find that keeping your motivation high will be infinitely easier

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck….

Let’s talk about it —>>>

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