How much do you have to lose?

How much do you have to lose before you realise that what you have is valuable?


We work harder


We stay awake longer


We push our bodies more


We strive to improve our circumstances (money, big house, fancy car)


BUT what about the things that are TRULY valuable in the long term












These are things that are hard to get back once we have let them go


It’s really easy to lose track of things when you’re busy


We are spinning plates, or juggling at top speed and not stopping to look back


But at some point, those plates are going to stop spinning, or worse, you’re going to drop one of those balls


If you drop the ball in any of the IMPORTANT areas then the consequences could be life changing


If you drop the ball with your health, there is absolutely NO guarantee that you can get back to where you want to be?


Your body is strong and smart, but there IS a limit to what can be reversed….


Years of filling your body with junk food, years of over eating, years of avoiding exercise…


This isn’t going to lead to a future, a retirement where you are capable and able to enjoy yourself


You may have the house and the money, but what happens when you can’t enjoy it because your health won’t allow it


The same applies to your family and friends, being one dimensional (eg putting all of your time and effort into ONE THING whether that is work, or a hobby, or your fitness) means that you are neglecting an area of importance


Down the line do you think that you will enjoy your later years if your kids aren’t speaking to you and you have no friends left because they all got fed up of your lack of presence and commitment??


These things, your lifestyle, exist in a delicate balance


It matters…..


It matters A LOT because at the end of the day, you will regret it down the line if you let the balls drop irrevocably


Starting thinking now about WHAT is important and how to WORK toward a better balance


It might not happen overnight, but identifying WHAT needs to change is followed by HOW you are going to do it….


Making a plan and then DOING it, is the only way to begin retrieving the balance that you want and to start living the LIFE that you want


I specialise in helping ladies to create that balance and together we recognise what is possible and begin working toward that to get the RESULTS that they want


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If you are stuck in this situation where you can feel it becoming a slippery slope to ‘one dimensional city’


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I know that this might have sounded a little direct but sometimes we need to hear it


Sometimes we need that kick up the bum to make us take action


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However, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like hearing the hard truths about the reality of your situation


If you are NOT willing to open yourself up for self-improvement to get better results and work toward independence and freedom from the shackles of life passing us by…..then we’d be a terrible fit to work together on this….and you need not apply!