How fast could you run if a tiger chased you?

What are you motivated by?

Easy question right?

Usually I get pretty generic answers though

Our motivations for doing something usually come from two places

We either do something to

  1. AVOID PAIN or

Which do you think is a stronger motivator?

Let me give you an example

Would you sprint a KM because you might get a world record?

Or would you do it faster if there was a tiger chasing you?

#1 you get glory and fame (pleasure)

#2 you get potential death (pain)

Which one would you be more motivated to run your ass off for?

They are both pretty strong

I know I would be #2

I’ve never chased fame or glory

But I know that I do NOT want to die

Especially not this way!

Let me give another example

Would you change your diet to eat healthily because it makes you feel good every day?

Or would you change your diet to eat more healthily if you could see into the future and see yourself with diabetes or heart disease?

Pretty strong imagery huh

I don’t want to scare you

I want you to realise that you are in control of your destiny

I learned this from the Tony Robbins book – ‘Awaken the Giant Within

If you fix a strong negative image or feeling to a particular behaviour

So in this case, over indulging every day (probably need to be more specific than that on a personal level)

If you fix that image, and imagine how you would feel house bound, with the prospect of foot amputation potentially

If you get a real vivid nasty association going on

You can change your behaviour very quickly

It’s simply not as motivating to say to yourself I will eat well today

To ensure I have a good day tomorrow

It should be enough

But it isn’t

On some level we don’t believe that these things are going to happen to us

Despite seeing more and more people who are fat, sick and dying

Our relatives even being taken ill due to obesity or nutrition related diseases

I am seeing it in my own family

It’s awful

So have a think about how you want your days to play out

And consider reading that book, cause its powerful

You can change you mindset

Even if you feel stuck right now

You can change

The foundation is in NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

It’s an interesting branch of healing and something that I would love to learn more about over the next few years

Let’s get aware of what is motivating us

But even more than that, let’s get on top of them!

It’s in your power to control your mind

And your mind controls your actions

Let’s take responsibility for this and you can do some amazing things

Nicola ‘my giant is awake’ Rossell



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