How will your story end?

Are you a curious person?

I got a text message from my mum the other day

She told me that she couldn’t help herself, she’d flipped ahead in the book I leant her

And found out that the main character dies

She was mortified and it affected the rest of the book for her

But it got me thinking

What if we could see into the future of our own timelines!

Winding road

What would your story say?

Would it say

Lived happily ever after, the end?

Or would it have a thicker plot twist?

The thing is that barring accident and random events

We can be pretty certain about a lot of things

For example

If you treat your body like a junk yard

It won’t last long before it starts to overfill with junk that spills out

junk food

Your body is your life..

And unless you believe in reincarnation

You only get one shot at this life

(It would be awesome to be a tiger in the next life or something though right!)

I don’t sit here spouting on about health, nutrition and lifestyle because I’m a broken record

I do it because I see bad choices time and time again


I see disappointment

And I see anger that points inwards for bad choices

And bad choices when it comes to health lead to unhappiness

Do you want to be unhappy?

Do you want to look back at your life with regret about the health decisions that you made?

Start making the right changes today

You can flip ahead in the book and get to know what your future will be

OR create your own future with the right choices

Be the author of your own story

Nicola ‘I’ll come back as a panda’ Rossell

Challenge your direction