How bad do things have to get before you are willing to make a change?

I’m terrible at this…..
I know that I’ve put off things that I know need addressing and changing for years!!!
Yes, that’s me, a personal trainer, a healthy person, a role model….admitting that I am human
(I do think it can help if you see that everyone (even health professionals) find this stuff hard)
We’ve all been on our own journey of discovery and learning
I’ve spent the last 8 years learning and digesting information about heath, fitness, weight loss and well-being
Trying things out, testing theories and ideas and making sure that what I recommend to people like you is 100% the real deal
I still find things confusing sometimes
I still find things frustrating sometimes
I still go around in circles sometimes (or at least feel that I am)
So the way that you are feeling
They are completely normal
And what we have to realise is that we will come to the idea of changing on our own timeline
The question is really….
How bad do things have to get before you are willing to make a change?
The answer???
When the pain of staying the same, outweighs the pain of changing things!!
When you can no longer put up with your current reality
When you remove the fear of change
When you DO IT even if it feels hard and different
That is when change and progress will happen
That is when results will start to show up in your life
Until then…..
Things will be remaining the same for you
Are you ok with that?
Or are you ready to address the lifestyle changes that you could make right now?
Let’s talk about it ->
All the best