Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission

Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission

I did not learn how to cook until I was 26

Throughout my teenage and uni years I lived off a steady diet of

  1. Cereals (bran flakes were my absolute fave!)
  2. Super noodles and
  3. Jacket potatoes

No wonder I ended up in such a pickle

Pretty poor show for someone who coaches nutrition for a living eh?!?!

Good job I got my act together and educated my ass!

Things changed for me when I realised how much of a state I was in

The list could go on

I was not coping

And I was taking it out on those around me

And on myself for being so weak willed

What I was doing wrong…..?

I was not giving myself a break

Physically or emotionally

When was the last time you had a break?

Like an actual moment where you chilled out

No responsibilities

No stress

No washing, ironing or cooking

No one calling you to ask for a favour

No kiddies hanging off your arms and legs

No scrolling down your social media feed

No getting into other people’s business

Can you even remember?

It’s the curse of the modern world eh

What I realised was pretty profound

When I was tired, stressed and frustrated

I made worse choices

And when I made worse choices

I got more tired, more stressed and more frustrated

How crazy is that!

But it’s so common!

If you’re doing this right now

If you’re stuck in this cycle like I was

I have good news for you

My event will help you to fix this

And it’s not complicated

I promise

First things first

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Nicola ‘I want to break freeeeeee’ Rossell

PS – I bet you are singing that now….if you’re not……?????