Have you tried everything?

I had a fascinating chat with a prospective client the other day

This lady was desperate to lose weight!

I can tell she had tried EVERYTHING before….

She has done diets, more diets, exercise programmes, she has had a trainer before

And yet she is back to square one


All of that effort

All of that time

All of that money


Do you know why….?

Because she was looking for the wrong thing

She is totally focussed on losing weight – and I get that, I really do

scales, compare

But the thing I see when I meet ladies like this is that the focus is blinding them to what is truly important

And truly essential if they REALLY want long term weight loss

Not just a few lbs for a holiday or party!


This lady was incredibly unhealthy, incredibly stressed, and anxious and her hormones were all out whack and she has a warped relationship with food and her body image….

None of this is going to put her body in a position where weight loss is a priority

The priority for the body is keeping you alive

The fundamental processes, organs…you know, the kind of essential stuff – that’s what the body will put first

So if you are totally stressed

And you try to cut your calories (that your body desperately needs)

And you hammer your body in the gym (which your body absolutely does not need!)


Do you think this sounds like a recipe for weight loss?

I certainly don’t

But this is what I see ladies doing and it breaks my heart

I know with surety that with some TLC

When HEALTH is made the priority and focus of the client trainer relationship

Weight loss will happen!

I see it with EVERY single client I work with

In the beginning I have to work hard to encourage them to do things my way

Going against the grain of the entire diet industry is a hard sell

But when they start feeling better

  1. Better energy
  2. More confidence
  3. Losing weight
  4. Better moods
  5. Easier smiles
  6. More laughter
  7. Feeling well
  8. Sleeping better
  9. Less pain in joints etc etc etc

All of these are the amazing side effects of working on health first

The lady I talked about earlier

She is now on board and making positive changes


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