Happy Mothers Day

Mothers day

The day where every mother should be taking time off from the hustle and bustle to relax, chill out and restore herself

Is that the reality…..?

Probably not

Most of the mothers that I know run around after the kids, the partners and the dog being a super heroin and generally being the glue that holds most families together

Most of the mums that I know don’t have the time to take care of themselves

Where IS the time for going to the gym, taking a long bubble bath and having a spa day?

When you have put yourself in the role of being everything, to everyone else in your life…it gets really hard to justify taking time back for yourself

You actually get to a point where you feel guilty if you do something for you

So let’s change that this year and let’s make mothers day about taking back a little bit of control

Let’s make this mothers day about YOU and working on carving out some regular time to look after your health, your well-being, your emotional health

This doesn’t have to be a big change

Simply considering a regular time slot in your week where you take even 1minute back for yourself…this would be somewhere to start!

Over time, recognising the value in taking care of yourself (to make you the best version of YOU for your kids) will become evident

In the mean time, if you need some ideas or someone to talk to

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