Hacks for weight loss

I’m not always a big fan of ‘hacks’


It implies that you can just apply simple fixes to your life and perhaps paper over the cracks


Or if you’re into imagery, it might give you the image of someone hacking away with an axe of some sort….grisly!


But occasionally there is call to recognise that there are SOME simple habit swaps that would really serve us well when we are trying to lose weight


These things in isolation won’t make a HUGE difference…..BUT done together and with a solid system of supportive training, nutrition and sleep….COULD really help you to move to the next stage of your journey




Don’t drink your calories


Milky teas, milky coffees, fruit juices, cordials, squash, full sugar fizzy pop…..these are all essentially empty calories


They don’t give us any nutritional satisfaction


At best they taste good…..(most sugary stuff does)


At worst they mess with our appetite regulation because they work on our fullness sensors in our stomach to SUPPRESS appetite (not good!)


…..and they can contribute to putting you into a calorie surplus for the day


Personally, I prefer to save my calories for food which is much more satiating for your body and brain!


Water water water is your best friend!





Don’t eat after your dinner


If your dinner was well balanced, and the right portion size for you, there is no reason that you should be getting hungry again within a couple of hours


A well balanced meal should fill you up for 3-5 hours


If you are eating your dinner at a reasonable time (6.30-8pm) and going to bed at a reasonable time (9.30-10.30pm) then there should be no need to snack after dinner near the time that you go to bed


Work on making your dinner meal more satisfying and put a pin in the late night snacking, you will probably save yourself a few 100 calories, which interestingly enough….could be all that you need to go into a deficit for the day (leading you toward weight loss)





Make your lifestyle choices for your HEALTH instead of for WEIGHT LOSS


If you make changes focused on weight loss, this puts you in a dilemma if/when the changes that you make DON’T lead to weight loss


You could be doing EVERYTHING right and making some really good healthy swaps and habit changes….but if the scales don’t show you what you want to see, you are at risk of thinking that what you are doing is wrong!


Sometimes the body does not respond how you would expect despite doing the right stuff (annoying, I know!)


So if you can approach lifestyle change with HEALTH at the forefront of your mind (energy levels, mood health, motivation on a daily basis, exercise for fitness and strength)…..


……then you will be satisfied with your results on a daily basis AND when your are in a good place mentally, you are likely to make better choices that lead you to weight loss anyway!


Win win!


Nothing that I’ve mentioned here should be too hard for you to apply to your lifestyle


If you’d like to talk more about it I’d be happy to get on the phone with you


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Enjoy the ‘hacks’ and we’ll talk soon