GOOD FRIDAY: It’s a good day to talk about you

Happy Good Friday!!
I wanted to take the time to wish you a happy Easter weekend
Whether you are celebrating Easter specifically or not, I have an important message for you!
If you are anything like me….
You will have your vices, whether its chocolate, crisps, ice cream…
The vice doesn’t really matter, but the way it makes you feel DOES
For me, chocolate was always my downfall
I can honestly say that even in the years after I thought I had conquered my binge eating issues…
Easter always came around and knocked me on my ass
There was something about the challenge of being able to eat a whole Easter egg that I was never able to resist (I used to do this as a kid – I am NOT recommending this as a challenge for you now!)
And as an adult, people still buy me Easter eggs because they are nice
They don’t realise the challenge that it presents to an EX binge eater to be faced with one of the things that used to be a trigger food
I am not going to go into binge eating today (that’s a message for another time, and if you need help with this, do get in touch because it’s not well understood and it does need addressing!)
I simply want to put across the message that if you are using food as a comfort, if you go to food when you feel happy, or sad, or lonely, or angry, or frustrated
If you are eating based on your emotions
Your choices changing depending on your resilience and your motivation that day
Then your approach to health and weight loss is always going to be flawed
Mine was
It was never about the food and exercise for me (they do play a role of course)
The ability to lose weight and feel healthy and well is down to your management of your emotions, your energy and your confidence
If you cannot control your reactions to your feelings, you will make bad choices
If you cannot get through a day without losing your confidence, or feeling drained and exhausted, then you will make bad choices
So it really comes down to this
Do you have a handle on your emotion-action responses?
Are you able to have an Easter egg (or your particular vice) sitting around without feeling the need to smash it down your throat when you feel emotional
I am in a good place now and surprise surprise, I am at the most stable and healthiest that I have ever been
I worked on my mindset, my emotions and my well-being
And the rest started to take care of itself!
So if you are stuck going around in circles (like I was for years and years)
Let’s just have a chat about it, CLICK HERE to kick-start that process ->
I hope that you are in a good place, I really do
I had to work on myself for years to get there (and there will be many more things for me to learn and change)
But if you’re not in a good place, do something about it today!
Many thanks