Why ARE you going around in circles?

Diets WILL help you to lose weight
Workout plans WILL help you to get fit
Training programmes WILL help you to change your life
Fitness apps WILL help you perform better
Meditation retreats WILL make you feel better
So why are we constantly going around in circles?
It is because we don’t have focus
We never do anything for long enough to gain momentum
I’m sure you’ve heard about the 10000 hours thing….
But this email is not about that
I am not trying to encourage you to become a professional tennis player or chess champion…
But I do want you to become a specialist
A specialist in building YOUR health, YOUR happiness and YOUR confidence
For you to experience the success with any programme, any diet, any training plan
You have to commit 100% to it (by the way this does not mean that you are in for a boring, bland life)
The plan you choose really doesn’t make a difference….
[I would recommend that you consider the following things
  • Is it possible for you to do it (with your other commitments considered)
  • Does it look fun
  • Does it look safe
  • Is there a guarantee in place
  • Are there people who can vouch for it
  • Are the people doing the plan getting the results that you want to see?]
But that is all by the by
The very point of this email to you….
Is to encourage you to take responsibility
And RECOGNISE that without YOU committing and acting in a way that generates consistent results
You have to realise that you are your BIGGEST BARRIER
It really is as simple as this!
If you NEVER work with me personally, I’m ok with that
I just want you to get off your ass and DO SOMETHING
Because the alternative is just festering in the pit of despair, feeling frustrated, confused and fed up
I am not ok with this….
I don’t want this for you
But I can’t make you do it
You have to want it too!
If you want to participate in the building of more health, more confidence in YOUR LIFE
Instead of watching everyone else get the results that you wanted!

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