Give yourself the credit and gain momentum

Our brains are naturally set up to focus more strongly on the negative things

Couple that with our intense social media obsession of comparing our lives and achievements to other people

And we have a recipe for feeling pretty crappy

So what can we do about it?

(Other than reducing or usage of social media)

We can take matters into our own hands and force our mindset to focus on the positive

I’m not talking about been airy fairy positive and chanting mantras and mindless memes

I’m talking about giving yourself credit for the things that you ARE doing!

Because I’m sure that day to day you are doing GREAT things that are moving you closer to where you want to be

Whatever your goal is…

Weight loss

It’s important that you keep your momentum going

It’s valuable to be able to recognise where you have done awesome stuff

Where you need to give credit where it is due to yourself

For those days when you wake up and wonder WHY AM I DOING THIS

It’s totally normal for your motivation to wax and wane

It’s part of being human

Our energy and moods fluctuate

But if you want to get consistently good results with your lifestyle and weight loss

Then you must must must encourage your mindset

Building up a log or a record of the things that you have done

Allows you to look back when you are having a bad day

And RECOGNISE that you have done a good job

There is nothing worse than feeling despondent about your actions, choices and results

Tracking your wins allows you to have a record that you can’t argue with

Giving yourself the credit for the things that you ARE doing

So crack on with that today and email me back if you like

Tell me about your wins

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