Getting the big guns out

Yesterday I spoke about the other people who get affected by your desire to change

Did you read?

If not

Id strongly suggest that you take a look before you read on today

Because I am going to poke you today

That’s my job

To tell you how it really is

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want something different

So I’m going to tell you the truth

And if it hurts

If you feel offended

I am glad…

Because it means I struck a nerve

When nerves get struck

Actions get taken

And I want you to take AN action

It doesn’t have to be with me…

I just want you to do SOMETHING if you are stuck and unhappy

Things CAN change

…..If you take action

Have you done it, gone back and read the email from yesterday?


All I really want to say today is this

If that is not enough motivation to do something different

If you are not inspired to take a step in the right direction now that you understand what you weight loss obsession is doing to the people around you

What it is doing to YOU

And your confidence

And your health

And your happiness….

Then I don’t know what is going to be enough to get through to you…

If I care more about your health and happiness than you do

Then we have a problem

Nothing that I say is going to make a dent in your beliefs

You have already made your mind up

You’re staying the same!

To work with me……

I need you to care about yourself

I need you to want to work hard

I need you to accept that things will have to change a little

And I need you to be willing to open up to me

I don’t think I am asking a lot from you

Start simply by clicking this link

just take a step in ANY direction

Make one simple change


Show me that you do care about yourself

As much as I care about you!


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