Fruits have some wonderful health benefits

My favourites for health reasons include raspberries, strawberries and blueberries

They can also be super tasty

My favourite fruits for a sweet treat include mangos, sharon fruits, kiwis, oranges and bananas

All fruit can be incorporated into your nutrition

But to consider fruit a free pass, is a mistake!

Fruit contains calories and they do count towards your total sugar for the day

Yes, arguably they are a different type of sugar

Fruits contain fructose

Sugars from other sources contain sucrose

And these are processed differently by your body

BUT…. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can have it unlimited

The only thing I would recommend that you eat an unlimited amount of….


I know that you are not getting enough

I know that I am not getting enough!

But your fruits, aim to stick to 1-2 portions of fruit per day

And if you’re not sure what a portion looks like

On average, a portion of fruit or veg is equivalent to 80g. Below are some examples of what counts as one portion:

Aiming to reduce your total sugars is a good goal

Ideally start with cutting out your processed sugars first

Make sure that you are eating enough protein

That you have your healthy fats sorted out

That you are eating good sources of carbs that make you feel energised

And after this, if you are still over doing the fruits

And you are stuck in your weight loss

Maybe you could try cutting down to my recommended 1-2 portions per day

And making up the difference with GREEN VEGGIES

Remember the golden rule

Everything in the right balance for you

Good luck


Nicola ‘fruity’ Rossell

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