Find your happiness, get your weight loss

Do you do enough to ensure your happiness?

When was the last time that you did something crazy that made your tummy flip?

That made you totally happy and squishy inside?

It was Elliot’s birthday on Sunday so I took him to Derbyshire for a day of walking, climbing and abseiling

It was a beautiful day and we had a great and enthusiastic instructor who took all of the fear out of the activities

The climbing part of the day was the most challenging for me

Scaling what looked like a flat wall of rock finding foot and hand holds where the eye can barely discern a difference in gradient….

outdoor climbing

Luckily we were roped in but it still gives you that funny tummy feeling

Like when you go over a bridge too fast!

The abseil was exhilarating

Climbing over the railing, and lowering yourself into the abyss

What a rush!


This is the sort of activity that I enjoy these days

Something that is relatively low intensity on my body

So it’s not hammering my joints and it’s not hurting me

But I am moving my body, getting stronger, and fitter (and braver)

And I was loving it! It was so much fun

Being active and consistent with your lifestyle

The foundation comes from finding something that you love to do

Or a selection of things that you love to do

Keep searching for that thing(s)

When you are happy, you are healthier

When you are satisfied you will find that you make better choices naturally

Find your thing!

My ladies found their thing…


That’s why they are able to lose weight whilst eating more than ever before

They love their new lifestyles

And you can too


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