It feels like crap to begin with

Things always feel hard at first

When I first started practising yoga

It felt like a real bloody chore

It meant I had to get up earlier in the morning

I had to force my weary body through downward facing dogs

And all manner of other bizarrely named poses

I remember thinking at the time ‘is this worth it’

4 months down the line

I diligently practise yoga every day

And I would not be without it

In fact yoga has been an absolutely fantastic addition to my life

Simply because it has helped to semi-cure a back problem that I have had for over 3 years

But I was so reluctant at first

It was so hard to get into the habit

And that’s it, isn’t it

That’s why you aren’t making the changes that you know you need to make

You either

  1. Have tried to change, and it felt hard
  2. .you are scared to try, in case it feels hard

Well, im sorry

But change is hard

If it were easy

You would already be in shape

You would already be flush with confidence

And you would already feel happy

And you probably wouldn’t be here reading my emails

As it is….

Well, you know how you feel

I can’t tell you that it’s going to be easy

Because it won’t be

I can’t tell you WHEN you will have the results that you want

Because that’s down to you ACTUALLY making a start

I can only tell you the truth as I know it

Change is hard

  1. It feels like crap to begin with
  2. It gets easier every day
  3. Until it becomes a HABIT
  4. Then it becomes easy and beloved sometimes!
  5. You’re not alone
  6. You are strong to ask for help

And you ask for help right here ->

Nicola ‘habit of a lifetime’ Rossell