Feeling stuck in a rut

What are your barriers?


I just want you to be aware of everything that can get in your way when it comes to weight loss and health….

Because we can end up using them as excuses not to make changes….when we COULD work on a method to navigate around the barrier instead of stopping altogether

So many times in my past I’ve been starting again on Monday

Then Monday becomes Tuesday

And Tuesday becomes the next Monday

30 day challenge

And in reality you never get started because you keep letting barriers halt your progress

And I see this pattern in my clients too

They have a bit of a blow out weekend, perhaps a wedding or party

Where they ate a bit too much

Drank a bit too much

Drinking alcohol

And it feels like everything is ruined

One of the things I put a strong focus on in my courses and coaching is HOW to get past this

How to go to these events knowing that you can have a good time without worrying about food and drinks and calories

Because lets me honest now THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN CALORIES!

Barriers can be anything that stops you from moving forwards

Brick wall

But if you learn to work around them

Accepting their existence and just doing WHAT YOU CAN

Something is always better than nothing and you’ll keep working towards your ultimate goal

Know your enemy and you can learn to fight back

Nicola ‘hurdler’ Rossell


If you feel stuck

Don’t use that as excuse not to take action

Take advantage of my free coaching call

Discover how to get around your barriers today

Don’t use it as another excuse not to get the life that you deserve