This is another biggie

One that is really going to take some time to change your opinion on

If say, you have believed this myth for years….?

It was perpetuated by a crook scientist who, let’s say…. had other interests ($$$$$)

And basically this is the myth that arose…..


I am not going to go into the politics of this now

There is a HUGE back story

If you want to do your own research you can start here ->

And get the gist of the scope of the issue!

Anyhow back to topic…

Like carbohydrates, if you over eat fats, you will put yourself in a position to gain body fat.

However, in the right ratio for your body, and eating fat from the right sources

(eggs, oily fish, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, olives) 

You will be giving your body the essential fatty nutrients that it needs for your metabolism and your health and wellbeing

There is certainly a confusion that arises around the word fat

We associate fat with ‘bad’

Because we don’t want to be fat

And, why would we NOT think that something called a ‘fat’ might be bad for us

To break it down and make it more simple….

There are good fats

That take care of our bodies (see examples above)

And there are bad fats

That have been proven to do harm to our bodies

For example: heating vegetable oils, trans fats (preservatives)

We need the good fats for health

We need to avoid the bad fats as much as possible

You will find a lot of the bad fats in processed foods

A lot of restaurant food is cooked in vegetable fat

A lot of packaged foods contains vegetable fats, trans fats

I’m not saying never eat out again

But we need that balance between the good fats to counteract the bad fats


It’s not easy

But if you make sure that you have that foundation of healthy, good fatty foods

You can have some flexibility to have a take away, eat out and eat some junk

BUT…when you’re diet consists of predominantly junk foods

This is where the weight gain and health issues could start to creep up!

To simplify it

It all comes back to finding the balance that works for you

Balance between carbs, protein, healthy fats, vegetables

Use that as your foundation

And you will have some wiggle room to eat the ‘junk’ foods occasionally if you wish



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