Have an experience like Natasha

Hearing from me every day I hope provides you with some awesome content

And gives you the kick up the bum that you need to get something started

But sometimes it helps to hear a different voice

Today you get to hear from Natasha

Natasha has JUST been through my transformation programme

Here is her experience in her own words:

‘Joining this course has had such a positive effect in my life and for those around me.

Before I joined BBT I was unhappy with my weight, unmotivated to workout and stuck in a rut with my food choices.

Everyday I would battle with myself and berate myself for not losing weight.

So…I joined Nicola’s course in January and I have noticed the biggest change in myself over the last 12 weeks!

I have been out of my comfort zone during training and whilst I was shy and unsure at first, I became confident in the exercises even surprising myself with what I could do with Nicola guiding me and the helpful support and reassurance of the other ladies on the course.

What I’ve most benefitted from the course is the mindset training.  Nicola over the weeks has provided valuable material to really look into all the health, nutritional and other areas of your life, backed up with her own research and personal experiences.

Nicola cares about your well being and listens to your individual issues, she’s taught me to listen to my body in all areas – sleep, food, exercise and socialising.

She not only talks about keeping healthy balance in your life but demonstrates it as well. Over the weeks the ladies have bonded over the training and we share recipes, talk about our well being and fully support each others goals.

I have had many personal training sessions in the past but training with Nicola and the other ladies in the BBT has been the greatest experience, I have gained so much knowledge and I will continue to use Nicola’s services in the future. I’ve even joined her gym with my husband! She’s given me the tools and excellent head start now I need to take her coaching to the next step from what I’ve learnt over the last 12 weeks.

Thank you Nicola for all that you have done for me I fully recommend your services and wish you all the best!

You will definitely see me in your gym continuing my healthy journey!’ – Natasha

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