If you only ever read one of my blogs, read this one!

Yesterday I promised a stonker of an email

And I’m not going to disappoint

I am going to share with you my own personal journey now

How messed up my own mindset was

And why I found it so hard to change

It’s pretty embarrassing how long it took me to understand this very simple concept!

For years and years I thought that it was important to win

When I was a kid I used to cheat at board games

I would steal money from the bank in monopoly

I would go extra squares in snakes and ladders

If I could get my foot over the line in a running race I would

Anything to give me that edge

Because I thought it was so important to win and get the attention

I don’t know what happened to me to make me such an attention seeker (I might have to probe that one in therapy) ;-)

I recall a time at school when I asked to use the bathroom during a maths test because I knew there was a calculator on the table outside the classroom

I grew out of the whole cheating thing

But the desire to be the best never left me

The desire for the attention never left me!

I just wanted the raucous celebration that came with winning and being the best

I wanted everyone to tell me how great I was

It’s a pretty sad way to live your life

Entirely lacking the confidence to just accept myself

Even at university I strove to get a 1st

I didn’t care what I missed out on

I didn’t care about anything else

All that mattered was getting that bit of paper that said I got the best mark available

And you know what

I still didn’t get the praise that I was looking for

It took me an incredibly long time to understand this one simple thing

True progress





Don’t come from striving for a destination, an end point

They come from the journey that you take

I’ve been blinkered, blinded by my own stupidity

When you go on a walk are you only thinking about the end point?

Of course not, you think about the beautiful things you see around you

That’s the journey

And that’s the lesson that took me 26 years to understand

I can’t change all of those things that I potentially missed out on seeing, doing and experiencing along the way

But I can re-focus my intentions now

Since I started paying more attention to what was around me

Rather than just having my head down working towards a number on a spreadsheet

It’s revolutionised how I feel about myself

And it’s allowed me to stop getting in my own way

To stop stopping

So if you only take one thing from my ramblings EVER

Take this

‘It’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey’

Think about how you can apply this to your own life

And start re-focussing on what might be more important than getting down to a size 10

Or hitting your weight target

No links today

Just think about how you think

Nicola ‘mind blown’ Rossell

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