An easy way to find out if you have been fibbing

I have a task for you that might horrify you

That is, if you have been hiding from the truth of who you are

If you have been wearing a mask in public for months or years (even decades)

I want you to go to the 5 people closest to you

And ask them to tell you the truth

Tell them that you want to know what in their opinion your 3 best AND worst character traits are

And you have to make it clear to them that they should not fear any backlash

(otherwise they will never tell you the truth

And you will never have to face it)

Perhaps that is what you want….

To hide

To cower

To pretend

It’s what you have been doing for a long time, right?

Pretending to be ok

Hiding behind false happiness

Cowering in fear that someone will come along and expose what you are really feeling

Because it hurts

It hurts more than anything else

It can even manifest as physical pain

Especially if your feelings dictate your actions…..

(they always do, by the way)

Your thoughts and feelings dictate how you act

And how you act dictates the results that you are able to get in your life, in your weight loss….

So don’t set this task aside because you are scared of hearing the truth of what people really see when they perceive you

Remember…what they say might not be true

And if you truly accept yourself, their words will bounce off anyway

If you react and feel offended, it probably means that you have been hiding that aspect of yourself because you are ashamed

And until you embrace ALL of who you are

You will be stuck going around in circles

I know that everyone else is telling you that weight loss is all about food and exercise

But I know differently

And so do you, if you’re really honest with me and yourself….


You’ve tried before….to diet, to workout

And you’ve only seen temporary results

…..because none of that went deep enough

Own who you are

Love who you are

And the world of weight loss results opens up for you!

Refuse to dig deeper

And you will always experience shallow results

That last a few weeks…..

….but never allow you to fully grasp the things that you truly want, in your heart




Am I wrong?


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