Don’t over think it!

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by a decision?

Perhaps you signed yourself up for something and once the day came closer and closer it seemed more and more intimidating?

That happened to me yesterday

I committed myself to taking care of my 1 year old nephew for an entire day 8am – 430pm

I’ve never spent more than 2 hours with him


And never on my own

I’ve changed one nappy in my life – and that was only a wet one, not a smelly one!

It seemed like a good idea when I volunteered myself for this!

Then I realised I would be in charge of a tiny human for a whole day – OMG

The reality though, was absolutely fine

He was an absolute angel and we had a lovely day

(and I got my first smelly nappy done and dusted!)

We can totally work things up in our heads right

We are incredibly good at this

And it can be incredibly powerful

And often incredibly prohibitive!

I often speak to ladies who are desperate to change their situation

They feel out of shape, they are frustrated and fed up

And they commit to making a change

And then it’s like the commitment totally freaks them out

They get lost inside their own heads


And they start to anticipate how HARD it’s going to be

How much work it’s going to be…

They are thinking too far ahead and getting lost and confused in the future

All I need you to do

And all you need to do right now …

Is think about the ONE THING that you could change today

Drinking water for health

You don’t need to fret about changing everything all at once – I’ll bet some of your habits are pretty good anyhow!

You don’t need to fret period

(although I understand that’s kinda like telling popeye not to eat spinach!)

As long as we have brains, we will fret, anticipate and worry

This is only a problem if the fretting paralyses you

If it stops you from following through

If it stops you from taking action

This is why I encourage you to take up a free strategy call from me

What do you have to lose

I can help you plot your first step

Challenge your direction

We’re not going to plan out the rest of your life

Just that first step to get the ball rolling

To topple that first domino

And you’ll find that once you start, it’s easier and easier to keep going!

Nicola ‘super aunt’ Rossell

Beginners Transformation Course