Do your goals match your reality?

It may be an obvious thing to say (or perhaps you’ve never even thought about it)

Your goal HAVE TO match your reality IF you want to succeed

Let’s think about this….

If you have a goal of completing a marathon (quite a common goal for a lot of people these days!)

It can be very easy to be swept up in the excitement of signing up for it…

BUT….if the reality of your current situation doesn’t match with the reality of training for a marathon, then it is unlike that you will be able to complete the marathon (at least not to the best of your ability)

Let’s go deeper shall we?

To run a marathon (not that I ever have or ever will…!) you will probably need to have the time to run at least 3 times per week – let’s say 60-90 mins per session

You will probably also need time to dedicate to strength and stretching too (unless you want to get injured!) – let’s say 2x30mins

You’ll also probably need to budget for new gear (trainers, running kit, an activity tracker/sports watch etc)

There will also be other costs (sports massages, physio sessions (fingers crossed not you!), race entry fees, travel costs, running club costs etc)

It all starts to add up doesn’t it

Considering that the excuses that I hear most often for NOT changing, or NOT doing something are




If the reality of your current situation doesn’t match up with the reality of training for a marathon, it probably isn’t going to happen for you EVEN if the motivation and idea are there!

The ONLY way it is going to happen, is if you line up your reality and the reality of the event/situation that you want to be in!

This is CHANGE


So when you are planning out your goals, make sure that you know the differnce between something that would be GREAT but is currently UNOBTAINABLE

VS something that is REALISTIC right now

What is stopping you making longer term plans to reach the bigger thing?

Nothing eh??

But to get things started, please please please plan things that are going to line up with your current circumstances

Otherwise you might lose that precious motivation and give up the ghost altogether!

If you need a little bit of help on getting things started and understanding how to set goals

Let’s talk about it —>>>

I look forward to hearing from you…



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