Do you give into your cravings?

Do you give into your cravings?

This is not a trick question!

I certainly do

This week I was craving peanut butter

I don’t even usually like peanut butter

I much prefer almond or cashew

But the body wants what the body wants

So I had some

And it was great!

Lots of trainers will tell you that you absolutely must NOT give in to your cravings

You WILL NOT make any progress if you give in

You MUST be strict

The problem that I have with this is that as soon as you restrict something

You want it

Do you get that too?

If I tell myself that I cannot eat chocolate

The first damn thing that I want is chocolate

And more often than not I will feel so deprived

That I will eat more chocolate than I normally would have

Because its scarce (in my restricted mind)

Realistically can you imagine living the rest of your life without chocolate?

Or crisps, or cake or ice cream?

These are things that a lot of trainers will tell you that you cannot eat

I am telling you different

I agree that to lose weight and get the body that you deserve

You have to make a level of sacrifice

You cannot eat take away and pudding every single day

BUT If you allow yourself a moderate amount of this

And by moderate I do not mean that eating a whole tub of ice cream is ok…..

I mean that one reasonable portion occasionally IS OK

Its more than OK

It’s part of being a human on this earth!

These foods exist and we like them

Surely it makes more sense to incorporate them into a healthy balanced lifestyle…

Than to ban them, and then feel resentful and deprived because you cannot have them???!

What do you think?

If you’re on my wave length

And you want to be coached by a trainer who eats cake (in other words a human)

And who manages to get ALL of her clients losing weight

Whilst prioritising their health and happiness

And NOT telling you that you can’t eat your favourite foods….

Join me

Nicola Rossell

Successful coach and chocolate eater!

Individual Personal Training