Do you fancy a challenge?

Do you fancy a challenge?

I wanted to invite you to join in with my members’ challenge

All of my clients get the opportunity to join my exclusive members only forum FOR LIFE

This is a tremendous bonus because you get my support FOR LIFE

Even if you only hire my services for a short period of time

(This might be changing soon by the way – so if you have been teetering on the edge of joining one of my plans – now might be the time to join and bag yourself a LIFE TIME spot in the forum)

The forum is so great because it’s a community

You get support around the clock and there is always someone in the same position as you

However stuck you feel you are, there is always someone there to help you through it

We work together and help each other out

and it’s a fantastic positive engaging community of people, all working towards the same thing

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and when we have these things in place – we get weight loss

Which I imagine is the main reason that you are here, right?

Anyhow..back to my challenge

My gang and I are entering a challenge together

We are aiming to enter an obstacle course race where you do a little running, climbing and tonnes of mud slinging

Endorphins rush from training

I know it probably sounds a bit intimidating right now

But we plan to do this in april…which gives us 7 months to work on our strength, stamina and fitness

This is LOADS of time to get ready for an event

And the best thing is that it gives you a TARGET, something to aim for, something to keep you accountable

And even better actually – if you do decide to join us – it gives you a team to back you up when it gets hard work!

I would love you to join us in our journey to be FITTER, STRONGER and HEALTHIER

If you want to know more about how things work in my member’s area

How you can get involved

Just click this link:

And get a free strategy call from me!

Nicola ‘mud pie anyone?’ Rossell

Here is that link again

Come on, join my tribe:

This was part of our team last year – they loved it honest ;-)