Decisions, decisions

Oft times we spend a mighty long time deliberating over our choices

(Apart from the bad ‘self sabotaging’ choices of course, which are often made in the spur of the moment without any due consideration at all) ← an email for another day I think!

The choice to take a stand against feeling unhappy…is one of those times that we deliberate for so long….that we can actually talk ourselves out of changing anything at all

And it is so easy to find a reason NOT to change

To talk yourself out of it…..

It’s too hard

It’s too expensive

It’s too confusing

It’s too far away

It’s going to take too long to reach my goals

I won’t be able to do it

I will be the worst one

I am too embarrassed

I am too ashamed of myself

People will laugh at me

You can find 100’S of reasons NOT to change….before you even TRY!

My question to you….

  1. How unhappy do you have to get before you think its worth changing something?

  2. How unhealthy do you have to feel before you want things to turn around?

  3. How far down the rabbit hold of despair and anger do you have to tumble, before you want to claw your way back to the light?

It is not easy to be healthy OR confident in our society

Despite being around more knowledge, more gadgets, more activities and despite having more access to EVERYTHING than we have ever had before

We have more ANXIETY, more DEPRESSION, more OBESITY, more DIABETES, more DIVORCE, more ANGER….

I question to you again…..

How long does your own unhappiness, your own self sabotage, your own lack of confidence have to go on for before you take a step toward the light…..toward change

I’m not asking you to change your life today

I’m asking you to TRY something

Don’t quit before you even try

Don’t talk yourself out of doing it before you’ve even TRIED it

You would be AMAZED by how SIMPLE it really is to change

Your fears

Your doubts

Your worries

They are all festering inside your head

Stopping you from moving forward and claiming what you deserve

I beg of you today…….just TRY something different

I don’t care what it is….how small it is…..just TRY

Until you TRY you will never know


PS…if you want to TRY having a chat with me about this

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