Denial is a dangerous state to be in

Someone once told me that denial had a handy acronym to keep it clear in your mind

Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying

It’s quite apt, don’t you think?

I’ve certainly been in denial

But I face the truth now

Because I want a life where I don’t have to hide

From others

And from myself

Denial is your greatest weapon for defence against a world that is often cruel, and confusing

But denial is also your greatest enemy IF you want to make changes in your life

And if you want true happiness and confidence

The longer you choose to hide your feelings

The longer you pretend to be ok

The longer you keep your mask on and hide from the truth of yourself

The longer you will remain feeling unhealthy, unhappy and lacking confidence

I can’t help you until you peel off the mask and take a step toward liberation

I can help you to navigate the world of health and fitness

But more than that

I can help you to truly embrace yourself

To find love for yourself, to find value in taking care of yourself with good choices….

And through doing this, I can help you to get amazing lifestyle and weightless results!

Are you ready to peel off the mask and talk to me? -> https://www.rossellfitness.co.uk/strategy-call/