I do not cut corners when I work with women

Sun light

Soooo it was the first day of summer yesterday

Can you quite believe it?

Not least because the rain poured from the sky….again

But also because I bet you’re thinking where on earth has the time gone?

The time has flown since you made your new year’s resolution hasn’t it?

The resolution to be healthier, fitter, and slimmer?

It’s a common goal for women especially

And whilst I agree with the first two goals very strongly

The third one actually comes as a by-product of the first two

If you want to alter your body composition in any way

You have to prioritise health first!

This is why I do not cut corners when I work with women (or men!)

Because I’ve seen what happens when we ignore healthy practise


When your body is being put under this stress it will fight tooth and nail to KEEP your weight on

You may lose weight initially because you have cut your calories BUT

Over the weeks as your old habits creep back in…

As you become unable to exist and function without more food…

As your weight creeps back on…

And you end up bigger and more unhappy than when you first started trying to lose weight!

I don’t want this to happen to anyone!

I will work with you as an individual to build healthy practises into your lifestyle

Which will all work towards helping you to feel healthier, happier and more confident

Which as I mentioned before….a bonus by-product of which is weight loss!


Nicola ‘no more yo-yo’ Rossell

Advanced Transformation Course