Consistent compassion

We can apply the word consistency to many elements that are involved in weight loss

There are tonnes of things that you can do to help yourself gain momentum in your weight loss

And get the results that you want to see in your lifestyle

One ‘often forgotten’ element that needs consistency is KINDNESS

Particularly towards yourself

If you are not able to be kind to yourself

TO forgive the mistakes that you make

To accept that things won’t always go to plan

That you won’t always be perfect….

Then you are going to find it hard to get anywhere

And most likely will end up going around in circles feeling frustrated and fed up that you can never seem to get it right

If it helps, you can think of how you would treat a friend when they are having some troubles

Then compare this with the inner critic that comes up when YOU do something wrong, or something goes wrong and you blame yourself

The internal language that you are using to berate yourself is not serving your goals and results

It is simply serving to lower your self esteem and confidence

And making it less likely that you will be able to make the best healthy choices when faced with something challenging

Try to treat yourself with the same patience, kindness and understanding that you would treat your best friend, your daughter or your mum

Be compassionate

Be kind

Be patient

And you will begin to see the results showing up across your lifestyle

If you’re still feeling a bit stuck….

Let’s talk about it —>>>

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