Confidence (or lack of it)


We all have long term goals that we want to eventually reach.

Maybe it’s a body that you feel confident with, maybe it’s climbing a mountain or running a marathon, MAYBE it’s protecting good health well into later life so that you can watch your kids grow old.

How confident are you, with what you know now and the path you’re currently on that you’ll eventually reach that goal?

Decide using the sections below where you are currently working from:

STUCK (1-3)

Your end goal feels like a pipe dream.

You show no real sign of moving towards it and you’ve started to tell yourself that (for a host of reasons) that you’re not cut out to achieve it.

You’ve likely started to blame genetics, age, metabolism or being too busy on the fact that your goal is slowly moving away from you.

SOLID (4-7)

You can see a path to your end goal and how it could be possible for you.

It feels doable but you’re still a little doubtful as to whether you’re being a bit ambitious with what’s possible for you.

You’ve never achieved anything close to the goal you’re chasing to hitting it would require a large change.


You have a plan, you know what you need to do and you’re sticking to it.

You know how long it’s going to take (roughly) to reach your goal and you’re making consistent progress towards it.

Confidence Score: __ / 10

Where do you sit on the confidence scale?