Comparing to your frenemies

It’s so easy to look at your best friend and think that they have it all (but we don’t mind so much because we love them right!)

Our social media addiction means that we are ALSO looking at our neighbours, our frenemies, and people we don’t even know

And measuring up to them

Every single day

The worst thing that you could do, especially when you are feeling down about yourself

Is scroll through facebook, twitter or Instagram!

Where everyone is posting their highlights

No one posts about the bad things that are happening

So, all we see is everyone’s good bits

The filtered life!

Which makes us feel bad

Sometimes really bad

Because it can seem as if we are the only ones who feel sad

Who feel lost, alone, and frustrated

My best piece of advice for this

STOP comparing yourself to other people

Even on a good day

We can bring ourselves down when we compare to other people

If you’ve walked 5000 steps for the first time

Someone else has walked 10000

If you’ve done a 3 mile run

Someone else has done 5 miles

If you’ve climbed a big hill for the first time on your bike

Someone else has climbed Everest

If you have busted your ass in your workout and feel proud…

Someone else is sweating more, and looks like they worked harder than you

We HAVE TO stop this incessant comparing

When you bring your focus in to yourself

Into what you ARE doing

You might find that you can really accelerate your results when you stop worrying about everyone else

And just focus on what you CAN do

What have HAVE done

And what you WILL do today…

Life will become a lot easier, a lot more satisfying

And you will stop doubting yourself and the process!

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Nicola #nofilter Rossell