Cold feet

Cold feet

I had a lovely chat with a lovely lady the other day

I reckon she was similar to you

Feeling a little (a lot) frustrated with her circumstances

But feeling brave enough and confident enough to reach out to me and ask for some help

I applaud this

I know how hard it is to admit that you need help

It’s akin to admitting that you have let things go

Often ladies tell me that they are embarrassed and ashamed to reach out

Because they feel like they have let themselves down

Anyhow…this lovely lady, despite being super keen and READY to go on her coaching plan, got cold feet at the last minute

She was all ready to change her life…..

And then she backed out, using a variety of excuses.

This happens more than you might imagine

Changing your life

Actually getting to experience what you say you want (better health, more happiness, more confidence, more energy, weight loss etc) ……can be incredibly intimidating

And if you are not ready for it

If you are teetering but your life is not in the right place….

I understand why you are not taking action

But let me tell you something

There will never be a perfect time

There will never be a clear way forward

You are living in fear, doubt, worry (tell me if I’m wrong!)

You are feeling confused, frightened and angry (again….tell me if I;ve got you wrong!)

So clarity, reasoning, purpose are not your friend right now

I don’t expect you to be perfect when you start with me

I don’t expect you to know everything

To have everything under control

The reason ladies like you, work with someone like me

Is to learn how to achieve CLARITY, PURPOSE and get RESULTS

This lovely lady, I wish her the best

Because it truly is my passion to help people

I accepted a long time ago that I cannot help everyone….

And I only hope that she can find the right time to make those changes in her life

The good news for you is that, this means there is a space open for you

So if you’ve been teetering for a while now

Waiting for the PERFECT time….

Waiting for the right trigger

I hope that his email hit a nerve

And….deep down you know that it is the truth….and that things need to change

Simply begin a conversation with me today….

You can do this easily by clicking right here →

I will eagerly await your contact….