A children’s fairy tale

A children’s fairy tale

I went to watch Beauty and the Beast yesterday

And I bet you’re thinking I’m going to go down the route of talking about inner beauty ….

Well you’re in luck

I’m changing the record today!

I want to highlight the attitude of the villagers and their fear instead

Their utter fear of anything that is different


Her father

The beast

They are all treated with suspicion, animosity and cruelty

Simply because they represent the unknown

And I saw such a parallel with how we react to things in our own lives

When we get scared or anxious

We go into defensive mode, fight or flight mode

You’ve felt it, I’m sure

You get hot and flustered, sweaty, your breathing increases, your heart rate increases, you might feel a little nauseous

It’s not a nice feeling

And it can manifest in a defensive format

You feel like you have to protect yourself from the threat, known or unknown

Change is one of these threats

You, right now, are comfortable

You might not be happy, healthy nor confident

But you are comfortable

Do you know how I know this?

Because nothing changes when you are in your comfort zone

You are not getting the progress that you want

And you are not seeing weight loss results

Because you are scared

Scared to take action

You fear the unknown

And you are taking that defensive stance

You are willing to remain as you are

Rather than dip a toe into the unknown

Because it’s easier

I am urging you to take the road less travelled

Walk through the wilderness and you might find that it wasn’t as scary as you first imagined

Belle found a prince and a world that she was always hoping had existed

Walk through the woods with me and find out how you could make the changes that you are so afraid of WITHOUT running in the other direction

Having me here to show you the way, to navigate the pitfalls

You can discover a world of health, happiness and confidence that you only imagined might exist

My transformation courses help to turn your fears around and show you HOW to get what you want

I have a couple of slots open for this April’s intake

If you have been wishing for a better world, a better life

Let me help it become a reality!


Nicola ‘new, and a bit….alarming’ Rossell