In theory it should be easy

5th March 2019

When you are on a weight loss journey it can often feel like you are going around in circles When you make changes in your lifestyle you are beginning the process of changing your long term habits This is often harder than we think…. In theory it should be easy to eat better foods Maybe […]

Inspire your little ones

3rd March 2019

I often have conversations with mums who are doing their level best to juggle busy lives with being fit, strong, motivated and bringing up kids It’s amazing to me that these brilliant ladies have such low self confidence when what they achieve in a day is nothing short of incredible We set our own standards […]


How to lose motivation

28th February 2019

Understanding how your mindset works is important Feeling de-motivated is not nice Despite knowing what you want to achieve, we often find ourselves going around in circles And it comes back to one simple thing: Your weight loss journey has to be about more than JUST weight loss This is imperative if you want your […]


Consistent compassion

26th February 2019

We can apply the word consistency to many elements that are involved in weight loss Consistent nutrition Consistent training and exercise Consistently making good healthy choices Consistent meditation There are tonnes of things that you can do to help yourself gain momentum in your weight loss And get the results that you want to see […]

scales, compare

‘I wasn’t ready to change things’

25th February 2019

‘I wasn’t ready to change things’ Most people assume that personal trainers have endless motivation and an uncanny ability to make positive lifestyle changes This is categorically NOT TRUE At least from where I’m standing I have struggled against change for years until I realised something important I simply had to be ready to make […]

pull ups

Do your goals match your reality?

22nd February 2019

It may be an obvious thing to say (or perhaps you’ve never even thought about it) Your goal HAVE TO match your reality IF you want to succeed Let’s think about this…. If you have a goal of completing a marathon (quite a common goal for a lot of people these days!) It can be […]

You either win OR you learn

21st February 2019

When you’re making changes and trying to achieve something (weight loss, better health, fitness, more energy …etc) it can be a steep learning curve But you ARE learning Every single thing that you try, you are learning a little more about yourself I’ve been in this business now for 7 years and I am still […]

Brick wall

Remove your obstacles for easier weight loss

20th February 2019

Willpower is something that we have all used to try and force a result   We resist and resist and resist   Drawing on our ‘willpower’ to hold out and keep us going   But usually and inevitably we run out of our precious resource and we give in to our cravings, wants and desires!   […]

Boost your self esteem (1/5)

22nd August 2018

Boost your self esteem And RECHARGE your weight loss RESULTS   I’m going to give you 5….yes 5 ways to boost your self esteem OVER THE NEXT 5 BLOGS When you make the connection between your self esteem (how much you love and respect yourself) and your choices And when it clicks in your mind […]


Are you sitting comfortably?

21st August 2018

The next sentence might sting a little So hold onto your hat….. Nothing will EVER change whilst you exist in your comfort zone Being stuck in a rut and unable to change your habits, usually means that you are in your comfort zone  (This does not mean happy…..happiness and comfort are two very different things!) […]