Cooking, kitchen

Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission

5th March 2017

Here’s a slightly embarrassing admission I did not learn how to cook until I was 26 Throughout my teenage and uni years I lived off a steady diet of Cereals (bran flakes were my absolute fave!) Super noodles and Jacket potatoes No wonder I ended up in such a pickle Pretty poor show for someone […]

Learning and education

Hi, are you still looking to lose some weight?

4th August 2016

I have the perfect thing for you! I am hosting a free ladies only educational weight loss event in Oadby, Leicester It’s going to be great! I will cover the main topic ‘why am I not losing weight?’ And you will have a chance to learn from me – a women’s weight loss specialist AND….ask […]


I talk about the dangers of mangos and emotional eating

5th September 2015

If you follow me on social media Which I don’t necessarily recommend that you do because I rarely post anything to be honest But yesterday you would have got a reet treat My photo of my bloody finger with the top sliced off If you’re squeamish then maybe skip this one and read tomorrows email […]

To the beach

I talk about taking breaks, surfing and sleeping in airports

31st July 2015

I’m off on holiday today I’m actually flying as I speak to you now If we left on time that is 6.50am Urgh What a beast of a time The journey Was horrible I had to get a train to stansted airport last night I got here at 11pm or something  like that And dozed […]

Sweet treat cupcake icon

I talk about the perfect nutrition plan for you and cheese scones!

11th July 2015

Have a break, have a cheese scone Somehow I’ve developed a reputation Where people think That I don’t eat cake Or indulge in treats Or even drink coffee I came across this bizarre Attitude the other day on twitter I was in a thread about snacks And someone stated That I probably wouldn’t eat coffee […]

Challenge your direction

I talk about the bitter taste of reality and humble pie

1st July 2015

There is nothing like an epic failure To show you where you truly are in life Reality is harsh But it doesn’t lie I tried hard to launch a project this week It was a project For ladies Who have tried diets and pills and potions And are still stymied with their lack of progress […]

Winding road

I talk about the future, cigarettes and vision

10th May 2015

I am a believer in trying everything once Except drugs and cigarettes There is always a caveat ;-) I am proud to say that I have never even tried a cigarette Or any form of drug I am embarrassingly naïve to the stuff I think that’s pretty rare in our society now Anyhow that wasn’t […]

Blogs about good ideas

I talk about fried brains, drive and planning

7th May 2015

What do you do when your mindset effectively deserts you? That bad boy that you call drive… Is long gone I had a really productive day My mind was buzzing with ideas And I was rocking through them Putting things in place Then about 5pm My productivity fell off a cliff Left me feeling a […]

Learning and education

I talk hard work, advertising and my first meeting

2nd May 2015

I’ve been working hard on my new project ‘ditch the diet’ over the last months I got out in the community talking to people I put posters up I communicated on social media to spread the word I went on the radio I contacted the local papers for press releases I had my first […]

Winding road

I let someone else talk about binge eating, experiences and getting back on track

30th April 2015

Slightly different format for today’s email I am going to let someone else do the bulk of the talking for a change I know what you’re thinking Thank goodness ;-) I wanted to share someone else’s experiences Because I can bang on about this whole process being a journey Sounds a little wishy washy doesn’t […]