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22nd May 2017

MYTH #9 – THE MORE YOU SWEAT, THE MORE YOU BURN FAT FALSE I’ve seen this myth play out with disastrous consequences Sweating is a product of working hard Your body temperature rises And your body tries to cool down by sweating, which then evaporates off the skin Having an internal cooling temperature on the […]



16th May 2017

Righty ho Weight loss myth #3 This is a myth that REALLY REALLY needs to die It has been popularised by celebrity trainers and celebrities of the 90s And the myth and the worry is still lingering around like a bad smell! Myth #3 is…. WEIGHT TRAINING WILL MAKE WOMEN BULKY – FALSE Ok let’s […]


Weight loss myths debunked pt 1

14th May 2017

Over the next 14 days I plan to talk you through my top 14 health, fitness and weight loss myths There are undoubtedly MANY MORE ambiguous and confusing aspects of health and fitness So, if you have any questions that have been confunding you Please email me back and I’ll add it to the list, […]

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Hey how are you doing?

15th November 2016

Hey how are you doing? I am sitting here just wondering how you are doing Like really… How are you feeling? I want you to be honest with me (and yourself) Are you happy? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Does your confidence radiate out of you? Or are you hiding […]


Ain’t no mountain high enough

29th October 2016

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a local awards evening The awards were for a kid’s section of a club that I am involved in I got to see the next generation of athletes being rewarded for their hard work and achievements It was truly inspiring And it got me thinking These kids […]


A tonne of excuses

8th October 2016

A tonne of excuses I am too tired I don’t have time I didn’t have the right food in the house My tv show was on It was too dark I didn’t have the motivation My work colleagues were going out for a drink A take away was cheaper I missed lunch so I have […]

Brick wall

Is motivation an obstacle?

5th October 2016

Is motivation an obstacle? I have an excellent challenge for you to join in on Some of my most motivated clientele are taking the bull by the horns and entering a 6km obstacle course race We have chosen an event that gives us 7 months to train to get stronger, fitter and faster In this […]


Don’t over think it!

30th September 2016

Have you ever felt totally overwhelmed by a decision? Perhaps you signed yourself up for something and once the day came closer and closer it seemed more and more intimidating? That happened to me yesterday I committed myself to taking care of my 1 year old nephew for an entire day 8am – 430pm I’ve […]

Endorphins rush from training

Do you fancy a challenge?

26th September 2016

Do you fancy a challenge? I wanted to invite you to join in with my members’ challenge All of my clients get the opportunity to join my exclusive members only forum FOR LIFE This is a tremendous bonus because you get my support FOR LIFE Even if you only hire my services for a short […]


A great calorie burner

14th July 2016

You might be think holiday is a great time for a good old relax And you’d be right, it certainly should be time for you to wind down and chill out But do you know what holidays are also great for? Training You’re probably thinking bladdy ‘ell Nic, training on my hols???? BUT…. You know […]