To the beach

Have a break, not necessarily a kitkat

30th March 2015

I took a break over the weekend I went to visit a friend in London It was great I didn’t have my emails I didn’t have any work planned And I could switch off and relax and let my mind free I realised that I have been working pretty hard on things of late This […]

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Today I expose myself

24th March 2015

I think being honest about your weaknesses is 100% the key to turning those weaknesses into strengths If you are honest with the people in you life about what you want to achieve What you are trying to do Those people will help you in your quest The most liberating thing I did this year […]

Fitness, dumbell

Work ing Hard or Hardly Work ing?

23rd March 2015

I have the great luxury of meeting lots of new people in my line of work Some people come and go And some stay and endure into lasting friendships For which I am eternally grateful I like to observe behaviour And examine cause and effect Of course as an observational study my conclusions might be […]

Award trophy

The theory of marginal gains part 1

21st March 2015

How can you tell that you are progressing? Do you feel like you aren’t changing? Is it possible even to notice change? If you are a numbers geek (this is a good thing) You might notice changes happening in your gym times, or weight numbers? Your 5km time is dropping, great! You can do more […]

Challenge your direction

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed

20th March 2015

‘…but it can change form’ I love science I loved it at school I loved it when I did my degree in it I always remembered the definition of the conservation of energy ‘Energy cannot be created, nor destroyed, but it can change form’ We put A LOT of energy into telling ourselves that we […]

Winding road

Project perseverance

19th March 2015

Project is a go go… I was feeling a little unmotivated today I am tired from a busy weekend and two subsequently early mornings since I practically fell asleep at 8pm last night in the middle of watching Thor the Dark World Which is a great movie by the way, well, from what I saw […]

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Mirror mirror on the wall

18th March 2015

who’s the fairest of them all? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see yourself as you are? Do you see the self you wish to be? Do you see all the things you think are wrong with your current self? We are hideously bad at assessing ourselves objectively We […]

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Because I’m Happy

16th March 2015

Clap along if you feel like happyness is the truth! I was walking to work the other day I try to walk now as much as possible because walking seems to trigger my deepest thought processes And its also a great form of exercise AND stress buster! There is nothing more effective to the body […]


How to be happy: naked lake swimming?

11th March 2015

What do you do to relax your mind and feel free and happy? I just got back from a mini break We drove across to Wales to visit a friend who lives in the mountains It is a gorgeous place to visit and offers so much in the way of activities and sights and just […]

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I eat AS MUCH as I physically can

10th March 2015

Eat less and move more – a concept that is popular in the media But just how does this apply to real life? Before I went solo with this PT business I worked for a commercial gym So I was exposed to a LOT of other personal trainers Everyone has their own style and approach […]